Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Signs of Sobriety

It was 22 months ago that I wrote a blog dictating my issues with alcohol. Listing all the reasons I could detail as to why it is just plain bad for us, you can clearly tell from that blog that I had a negative view of drinking entirely. I thought it was (plausibly) the reason that I didn’t reach my goals, or why I ever felt unhappy. It took nine months of sobriety for me to realize that none of that was true.

It was an excuse. What used to be a hangover, is now blaming the weather for not going for a morning run. What I used to blame on my over-active social life, I now blame on. . . well, my still over-active social life (some things don’t change.) The ever-challenging savings account I constantly used to spend on nights out with friends, I’ve found other things to spend it on (like, writing conferences!) And my happiness? Well, that I’ve learned is a state of being, not a place you can get to.

I promise I’m not just an unproductive slob; I have accomplished so much this year in my sobriety. But it wasn’t because of the absence of alcohol. It was because I finally prioritized my life—something that I know I can do exactly the same while enjoying the occasional spirited beverage.

You can tell in that original blog I wrote that I had a pretty negative and guilty feeling about drinking. This is something that will not being continuing into my new year. If I’ve accepted anything over the course of the last 327 days sober, it’s that pursuing something simply because you enjoy it, is a positive. As Kurt Vonnegut says, “We’re here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anyone tell you different.”