Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Maybe You've Got Spaceships

I wrote a poem. And decided I liked it better spoken than read. So here is a video.

They say it has to get worse, before it gets better;
And I’m called just an image of a woman holding it together.
I want a reason to keep moving life along,
Something bigger than a passion, something bigger than your God.

It’s not a nightmare that keeps me running;
It’s not a dream that keeps me fighting;
I’m all out of that garbage inspiration;
I want something solid, something concrete, something with a foundation.

Don’t argue with my antics; you’ve got none.
Ok, maybe you’ve got spaceships.
So why then have you not gone to the moon?
Why judge me, when you sit there? You just sit there, you buffoon!
You could fly and you don’t! You just point and you judge,
Like society's on your side, when I know deep down we have the same grudge.

I want a direction with a reason, and voice that keeps me screamin';
I want to know that we’re in this together; I want to know that you’re not leaving me forever!

But, that’s all too much to ask...

I heard them say, “it’s got to get worse before it gets better,”
And hey, guess what? This is from a woman who’s got all her shit together.

-Miranda Landry (February 2014)