Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Don't Play Nice

What hurts the ego is best for the soul.

“Nice”. I find this a boring word. Rated highly efficient, but vacant and diffident. It gets the job done, lazily. She’s a nice girl. That is what we value: A nice girl.

Pleasing; Agreeable; Delightful. She has a nice smile. She’s unassuming, and careful to not offend. She does not upset a balance, or cause drama, or create turmoil for any reason – regardless of deservedness or justification. She’s a nice girl.

Nice girl is not a good person. Nice girl is self-serving, and self-conscious, and dishonest, and manipulative. Nice girl is a coward.

Her motivations are socially crafted; disingenuous. Do not disturb the peace! 

In the intention to remove risk of suffering – which is the nice thing to do – comes the unintended consequence of removing an opportunity for growth.

A desire to appear helpful – which is nice– conversely creates an inability for the helped to succeed on their own.

In an effort to maintain cohesion – the nice approach – she forces an outcome out of tune with natural rhythms.

Her actions come without reflective forethought, but with societal approval in mind. Like me! I’m a nice girl!

Don’t be a nice girl. Nice is overrated.

Be brave. Speak out. Be tactfully honest. Make ripples that cause change. Challenge suffering for the sake of development. Do not be afraid to offend for the intention of discovery. Do not be afraid to offend for the purpose of reflection. Do not be afraid to offend for the pursuit … of being true to who you are…

What hurts the ego is best for the soul.