Friday, 2 December 2011

Just a Coffee, Please

As a frequent traveller, I expect certain cultural differences to be apparent no matter where I go. Even being in places that are very similar in modernity, you often find strange things that stand out. These are usually things that are so engrained in you as habit, that you would never even step outside and consider that a culture so similar to yours would do it differently (I say this, because in some countries just walking off the plane tells you to expect nothing similar to home.)

Things like, how in Canada, we say "washroom" for toilet, but go some where as close as the states and they think you mean the laundry room. My recent interest in wanting a family would have the Brits calling me broody, and the Aussie's calling me clucky, but to my recollection, there is no Canuck slang term for women wanting a baby.

This is the newest one for me - coffee. Drip coffee just doesnt seem to be all that popular outside of North America. I expect java-snobbery out of Europe - although I'll admit, the instant coffee that raided grocery shelves was a telling sign of the level they actually cared when in the comfort of their own home. Conversley, with the laid-back, care-free attitude most of the world stereotypes about our friends from down-under, I was shocked to see that ordering a plain, black, drip coffee in a restaurant made me bogan (another new favourite Oz term - google it). I thought I was a coffee expert... until I looked at a menu in a coffee shop and realized I only  new what 4 of the terms meant (from a girl who worked at starbucks this is just wrong!) You have no idea what I'd give for a festive eggnog latte right now.