Friday, 3 June 2011

A Lot of a Few Words

I'm not a woman of few words. Those following my posts will be aware of this. I imagine this is why twitter has never appealed to me. How can I say what I need to in only 140 characters? I think I listen well, and I hope my conversations with others do not sound like monologues of self-indulgence, but the fact that I am always acutely aware of these things assures me that I must fall into a category of people who enjoys talking more than the average person.

This has changed recently. After months as an untitled "social host" on the cruise ship, I find myself still recovering from the barrage of "friends" I had to make, and acquaintances I had to converse with constantly throughout the days/ months/ year of my time as Cruise Staff. I assume now that I'm satisfied socially, that or I've just grown out of my previously narcissistic, conversational obsession. Or maybe it's just that, in growing up, I feel less of a need to fill dead air with my voice.
Whatever the case, I find this blog ironic in two points. One, in that I'm saying I'm no longer narcissistic and yet I've just written a blog solely about my personal growth, and second is that in saying I like to talk a lot, it's one of shortest blogs yet.