Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Days Like This...

I’ve got a sunburn. And am covered in itchy bug bites from the sand fleas in Roatan. But I’ve got a Tecate in my hand and real Mexican tacos on the way. My honey is happy because for the first time this contract it’s actually windy enough on one of these islands for him to launch his kite and go kiteboarding. The 80’s rock playing in the background doesn’t make this feel so authentically Mexican, but somehow totally suits how I feel. I see yoga in the sand and then falling asleep in a hammock a part of my near future. And let me tell you, the sand is a incredibly soft. The breeze is gentle. And the beer, oh, the beer is heaven.

I’ll admit it, the life on board a cruise ship doesn’t suit me so well. I turn into a negative bi-atch at the first site of a whiney passenger or rude co-worker. Days like this, however, make me stay.