Saturday, 26 December 2009

Life with a twist of lime, please.

Life is crazy.

And apparently that scares us.

So we simplify it. We break it down. Black and white. 1,2,3’s. ABC’s. Make it boring.

And then we complain about how bored we are. How unexciting our lives have become.

I cannot even begin to describe the ways in which one can live their life. So unimaginable. So out there. So far from the norm, the boring, the ABC’s and 123’s. And I don’t mean that there are so many careers to choose from. I don’t even mean so many places to see and people to meet.

There’s twists in life, and when you let them, they take you places. Just don’t be scared

I won’t live a “normal” life. It won’t pattern itself even remotely similar to anyone else’s. It’s one of kind. Both memorable and meaningful. Just you wait and see…

… Faith has some exciting surprises up its sleeve.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Linear Consumption + Exponential Times = ???

Got some time?

I really want to encourage you to take a minute… to learn something today. Something that just might change the way you live your life. Something that might change the way you think. Take a minute to learn something about YOUR life.

Need me to build your curiosity?

In the last 3 decades ,we’ve destroyed over a 1/3 of our planets natural resources.

Our pillows (yes, where we lie our heads) are soaked in neurotoxins!

Breast milk has the highest number of toxic contaminants than any other food. (As as side note, breast is still best!)

You might think you are getting a sweet deal on your Christmas presents, but the full cost is still being paid. It’s being paid for by the people who are losing their natural resources, the children who dropped out of school to mine the materials, the individuals who are getting cancer from the radiation and toxins they were exposed to making it, and the by the cashiers who gave up their health benefits that the company skimped on. Why? So you can save a few bucks on the toys for Suzy and Timmy.

99% of items consumed in North America are in the trash within 6 months or less.

Planned and Perceived Obsolescence. Just look it up. It’s obvious.

We see more ads in one day than our grandparents 50 years ago saw in a lifetime.

THERE IS INTERVENTION! There is always hope. Always.

Check out the system in crisis.

And then, turn her linear equation into an exponential one, and check this out.

Combine these two realities, and it’s gets a little freaky. In fact, it’s terrifying.

BUT, we can change this. We have all these brilliant minds creating solutions to problems that haven’t even surfaced. All these brilliant minds are recycling. All these brilliant minds, they are pitching in.

Because what they realize is they make a difference. They KNOW that their efforts are huge contribution. They are aware of the impact they are having on their life.

It's idealistic to think we can continue on this linear path while expanding at such an unstoppable rate.

This is now. Let's do something about it.