Monday, 29 June 2009

Fictitious Fiscal Frustrations.

Humour me for a moment and let us pretend I am somewhat well informed on the Global economic strife at hand.

Despite that I was raised in an environment which only seemed to allow for financial stresses, in the back of my mind I have always thought that money was not real. As a population, we have allotted value in the form of “currency” to objects and services. When I was a child I couldn’t help but ponder how money actually came to be. At this point, I’m tempted to dive into my childhood rendition of how the butcher and baker managed without coins to place value on their services, but I shall spare you the painfully imaginative thought process and fast forward to why I see money as non-existent in our current world state.

Articulating the reasons money is nothing more than a mere numeric value par calculation of supply and demand could seem obvious to some and blatant gibberish to others. However, I will leave it at that. Money is nothing other than a numeric assessment. To even use the words “worth” or “value” seems deceptively incorrect. The “worth” of a service or article varies much like beauty and the eye who desires it. I know lots of people who refuse to pay five dollars for a friggin’ cup of Joe and others who do it daily! Worth is completely subjective. Quantifying qualitative study in an academic setting has never be seen as objective or fair – yet from an economic standpoint it is perfectly sound? Someone explain. Please?

So society has taken this qualitative numeric assessment tool, manipulated it over centuries to become a seemingly concrete form of “worth measurement” and then used it to establish entire economies and social standards. I am beginning to see why there is a lack of confusion by the fall of this American empire.

Then we take in the fractional reserve system – who ever thought loaning out imaginary money was a good idea? (For those of you who have not heard of this, please investigate. It is absurd to the point of hilarity.)

And “The Federal Bank of America” – I am admittedly na├»ve and uneducated, but it is going to take a very long and in depth conversation with an incredibly intelligent, trustworthy economic guru for me to believe that paying a private bank to have money printed was ever going to work out in favour of the people.

I will not even bother venting about the interest sales on faulty mortgages because it is just so overdone and obvious at this point, I’d be poking a dead rat. In an abandoned house. And I would not want to do that because in couple years that dead rat may have more “worth” than that house.

Enough of my exaggerated opinion of the idiocy (or should I say unjust brilliance!) that has brought about the current world economy. I shall recoil my tangent and attend the subject at hand. The non-existence of money.

You used to be able to get a breakfast at IHOP for a toonie. That toonie breakfast is now $2.99. So what is another dollar when it is so cheap already, right? Well, in fact, it is a %50 increase from 8 months ago. For my fellow millennials – QUIT IGNORING THIS ABSURD INFLATION! It is NOT normal. It is NOT pattern. It is extremely nonstandard and most of us would rather sit idly by refusing to acknowledge our efficacy in the matter.

I digress. I have found benefit in even this. If inflation keeps accelerating the way it is, my school debt load will appear as pocket change in a few short years. Boo-Yah!

As a result, I view this currency that rocks our world and shapes our health and our happiness as arbitrary at best. Even if the men in the G8 or G20 have perfectly calculated this mad mess, attempting to fight it would be accepting that money is real and tangible. When in fact, it is as concrete as my Grandmother’s hearing aids. You can touch ‘em, you can smell ‘em, you can use them and you can even taste them if you so please, but it doesn’t change that fact that they don’t work worth a damn!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Millennial Boon

Tapping Into the Millennial (Blood)stream

By Trina Isakson

Loved this article about the Millennials. While I can't say I know one individual who fits all the markers the piece points out, I know I relate a lot of them to myself, and the ones I don't personally fit, I have many friends who do.

It's a great knowledge tool for anyone in management these days and anyone trying to lead a team of the below 30 crowd. While it relates specifically to the volunteer sector, it all overlays to multiple industries.

I think I might share this with my director. Entitled? I am not. Driven, however, now that's a better word for it...

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Beauty Regardless

If it was not for the glimpse of the city lights on the water under the bridge I might have kept running. Ran right past the beauty, not stopping to let the glow of the city push pause on my mind. Briefly, I let out a sigh of amazement, my legs decelerate my pace and my run becomes a standstill, eyes peering through the chain link fence out towards the skyline, over the water, under the soft pink clouds. As though an expression of dispute, the harbor waters appear deep purples and blues from reflections of the night sky, the range hidden sun, and downtown’s synthetic lights. The traffic, still rushing behind me despite midnight’s arrival, refuses me a silent peace to just enjoy what’s before me, and yet it adds to the atmosphere of this Sunday experience. It adds character and in the disrupt it acknowledges what my eyes and the visual beauty cause me to ignore. The destruction.

What I’m looking at is not a natural phenomenon. It’s not a piece of art created for my enjoyment. In fact, it’s a mistake. It is a cluster of industry, technology, man-made living, pollution, earthly desolation and disrespect. This cityscape, in which I stand in awe of without initial thought of the destruction beneath it, is absolutely stunning despite what we’ve caused.

I will not write another article about how we destroy our earth, our city. There is no need for a environmentally-uneducated young adult to produce an opinion piece on how to create passion to improve the planet’s health. Yet in my optimism, I still see the beauty in this atmosphere and that speaks of a whole new passion to me.

It speaks of challenge and of growth. It speaks of hard times, and of good. It speaks of faith more than anything.

Faith by having one simple realization: Even in the destruction and friction we cause in this world, it is made beautiful.

No matter how bad we think we are doing – God can do wonders with it.

No matter how big we screw up – there is opportunity to be created from it.

No matter how hard we make it on ourselves – we can be helped through it.

And just think, I could have ran right by that water, ran right by that sky, ran right by that piece of beauty that God was able instill in this world regardless of our carelessness and selfishness.