Wednesday, 27 August 2008

What If I just don't come back?

I'm only 21.

No Commitments.
No Assets.
No Dependents.
No Money.
No Material Baggage.
No Husband.

Nothing tying me here. Nothing.

Why not just go?

32 days until departure. And who says I have to come back?

I mean, I can work anywhere. I have a degree. I'm smart. I'm a hard worker.

In the end, its not even about freedom. Its about taking the opportunities that lay before me. While I see SO much opportunity at my fingertips where I am now, it doesn't feel right.

You know what does feel right? Not having a plan.
Plans are good when you have a specific goal.
My only goal right now is to not miss out on life because I'm so busy planning my next move.
I guess you could say my "goal" is to take life as it comes.

Yeah, I like that. I'll take life as it comes. Stop living out of my head.

At least for the next few years anyway.

I can't imagine this experience will be anything other than remarkable.

Dare to Live a Remarkable Life.